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Luxury Household Management Online Certificate Course


  • Luxury Household Management Career Path- Learn the overall description of a luxury estate managers tasks and responsibilities, the diverse job opportunities and the salary ranges. Examine the differences in a job that is seasonal, temporary, 2nd vacation home or permanent position.

  • Luxury Businesses-Luxury Hotels, Airbnb's, Bed & Breakfasts,Resorts,Spa's,Retreats, Luxury Vacation Homes, Luxury Senior Housing, and Golf Course Communities will hugely benefit from this course. Specialized luxury businesses will be able to create service that goes beyond the 5 Star rating.

  • Luxury Areas of Domestic Careers-Housecleaning, Housekeeping, Chefs,Nannies, Dog Walkers, Landscapers, House sitters, Caretakers.

  • A Day in the Life of a Luxury Estate Manager -Discover the daily details and specific tasks of a luxury estate manager, ranging from the “well to do” to “high end wealth” homes.

  • Housecleaning/Housekeeping with Luxury Household Management- Learn about how the business of Housecleaning and Estate Household Management are the perfect skill set to create an exclusive and unique business with potential for substantial raises in revenue.

  • Household Environment and Ambiance-Understand the process of creating the  home's ambiance and environment by understanding the character, atmosphere, aura, climate, mood, feeling, character, and quality of the house and the residents within. Additionally working with the circumstances, objects, or conditions of which one is surrounded.

  • Household Regions- Learn the process of organizing the home and the daily, monthly and annual responsibilities to maintain the home and those who reside in it.

  • Household Staff Responsibilities- Understand what a home requires in staff hiring and their day to day duties.

  • Employer/Employee Relationships- Learn how the unique relationship a luxury estate manager holds when working in the intimate surroundings of a private home.

  • Culinary & Personal Chef-Gain understanding of the diet and needs of the family, who to hire, what their jobs tasks are, and overseeing the chef or acting as house chef yourself.

  • Understanding the Family, Children & Pets-Organize data for the each household member with the Luxury Estate Management system.

  • The Spirit of Service- What does it mean to be in service to others. Realize how your sincerity is what makes it truly service. When serving in a private home there is an opportunity to truly make one’s life better as you gain rewards as well.

  •  Confidentiality, Boundaries & Ethics- Understand the critical importance of confidentiality, boundaries and ethics when working in a private, personal and intimate setting of a home.

  • The Art of Generous & Genuine Listening-Learn how to use active listening techniques, which are a valuable skill and to make a conscious effort to truly understand what people are saying. Learn the keys to staying sincere, authentic and yourself in a professional setting.

  • What's Considered Domestic Staff-Chef, Housekeeper, Nanny, Teacher, House Sitter, Caretaker, Companion,Driver,Personal Shopper,Pet Sitter, Landscaper,Personal Assistant.  

  • Money, Money, Money- Learn the difference in old money and new money and a insiders view of the rich. 

  • Finding a Great Job-This Module will help you find the right Job Opportunities in Luxury Estate Management. This invaluable information will be the perfect resource in job hunting. The Course also teaches students how to write a resume specifically for Luxury Estate Management.

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