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The founder and head instructor is Nancy Harris. A Luxury Estate Manager with 10 years of experience in this field.  Ms. Harris graduated from the Starkey International Institute for Household Management in 1999.

Ms. Harris has managed numerous estates with staff, served as governess and tutor as well as a chef, and has been a loyal companion and housekeeper to luxury minded clients throughout the nation. She has also worked as a counselor, consultant, mediator and non profit executive director and she brings that interpersonal and entrepreneurial expertise to her teaching and management.

Ms. Harris previous clients include the family of the CEO of Coca-Cola and the family of Tyson Foods both of whom are billionaires and have been listed on Forbes Magazine's 400 wealthiest executives. Ms. Harris also consults for individuals and companies in the business and private sector.

Recognizing from her experience of being employed by billionaires, that her skills were unique, her experience extremely extraordinary, resulting with the knowledge and ability to truly understand the mindset of the very wealthy. Thus she created the Luxury Household Management curriculum to benefit those wishing to explore a career that brings such unusual and fascinating experiences. 

The exclusive course was created to educate people from all over the world and give them tools necessary to launch a successful career working as a Luxury Household Manager.

Ms. Harris courses have been offered by community colleges, online learning companies and have been taken by students from across the globe. 



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