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           Luxury Household Management                    


 Learn the skills of managing luxury households for the wealthy  

The Luxury Household Management Certificate Course is the 2017 Recipient of the NMSU New Mexico BizSprint Arrowhead Accelerator program   to launch successful businesses.

Online Certificate Course
We are so committed to the art of household management and quality 5 star service, that we’ve created a curriculum specializing in the many skills required in such a vast field. We know the key to success is having satisfied clients. With what we provide, you too will be able to offer a menu of services that puts you a cut above the rest, while earning a 5 star income....                                                

Ms. Harris comes from an extensive background in luxury home management, today's modern day butler, working with high wealth clients such as Tyson and Coco-Cola families. Understanding the art of creating quality home and house cleaning services.

Cleaning the Bathroom

Luxury Household Managers typically ensure that a household is operating smoothly, anticipates the needs of the residents. In addition to being able to manage and train household staff, such as housekeepers, private chefs, nannies or governesses                                             and provide hands on service themselves.                                                                         


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